Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer shopping.. ahh a bargain's a bargain.

It's funny how just a couple of days ago I was prancing about Prague wearing my winter coat and now - thankfully - it has gone back to hot hot summer status. Only down point being a) exam week is drawing near b) am not on an amazing holiday.

Today, in the spirit of the summer days forthcoming, I did something very much not like myself, that is, I went and returned something I had bought. I HATE claiming goods, serisouly, I'd rather keep something I don't like than go to the store and be all annoying and be wanting my money back. But I'm glad I went and got it over with, I returned these insane sunglasses that although were kinda cute were also kinda unwearable. Nothing seemed to "go" with them, tragic. I'd keep them but since they had been quite pricey and I'm saving up for my holidays, I decided to go for it. And good that I did too since - insert proud knowing smile - I found a pair I liked way better and for less! (Ahh that's how all shopping should be like, you get to take something lovely home with you AND they give you money back to boot.. what a wonderful world.)

Now just to find the perfect pair of shorts and this fringed beauty and I'm all set for sheer bliss.

Any ideas? I found an okay version at Pull&Bear but it wasn't nearly as nice so I'm being hesitant.. and will wait until payday:)


Janey said...

That bag is so cute!

MsVeve said...

Yup.. wish could find a cheaper highstreet version somewhere:///