Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waiting for..

I have to laugh. It's funny. Well no, hmm, maybe it isn't. Okay, so what's going on? No, haha, I haven't lost my mind (or perhaps I have.. who knows?!). I've just finally figured something out just now. What have I discovered? That the time IS now! And I've been waiting for too long. For everything! It's always something isn't it? Waiting for my exams to be over, waiting for him to call, waiting for the coffee water to start boiling, waiting for that dream to come true, whatever.. well I've been waiting for too long! After all, time hasn't stopped has it so why should I?

I've just finished re-watching my fave fab show SATC and I've been mesmerized by the Mc Sollar song "la belle et le bad boy". It's made me realize (well,not just the song but also how Carrie is running away from awful Russian guy..) that we can't just be waiting! Things have to be done! That's why from tomorrow I'm starting anew. I'm gonna get out there and begin actually fullfilling some of those things I've been just waiting for. It might take a while, yeah, but nothing ever gets done without that first step. So maybe, just maybe, my waiting may be over (althou I will probably have to wait for the bloody tram, it's ALWAYS late:))

I'm not even waiting for tomorrow to publish this, ha!

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MsVeve said...

And would you look at her?! She doesn't look like she'd just be waiting around, does she? This girl with the huge suitcase and that fierce look, she's so my role model. (image from Elle magazine)