Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lusting after... Vol.II

Yup, it's another case of Lusting after.. today with a very speacial quest.. ta daaa..

These lovelies are by UNDERGROUND and are just amazing. They are the sexiest pair of creepers I have ever laid my eyes on and I want them! I want them! I need them! Aaaargh! I need to get back to my studying.. but seriously, aren't they just pure lush?

Your turn, are you a creeper gal/creeper gent?


clairegrenade said...

holy hell they have quilted details?! i'm drooling on my keyboard

MsVeve said...

my thoughts exactly:)


they are actually quite nice, good pick!

MsVeve said...

the thing about most creepers, they usually look too rustic and exaggerated to be actually wearable, whereas these are toned down enough to perfect. elegant yet still very inyourface. you just gotta love 'em!!

boubou said...

wow love these shoes !!!
boubou xx