Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog update

Good morning, ehm afternoon.. Ok, so now it's almost night, whatever.. I've been having the strangest week, since all of my family has gone to L.A. I've adopted a most hectic timetable of sort and thus not really managing anything at all. To make things a little simpler on myself I've decided to set a blog topic shedule, thus cutting out the middle man (e.g. staring numbly at a blank screen).

Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is:

Monday - fashion fashion fashion (+ lustings after, ...)
Tuesday - film/ music/ happenings (+ what to wear, song of the week, ...)
Wednesday - art/ photography (+ style crushes, artist of the month, ...)
Thursday - book/short stroy (ravishing book post #)
Friday - rambles, summarizing my week, ME ME ME
w/e - optional (how to.., the files of new.., lists, plus if anything totally interesting happens)

If you have any ideas what you'd like to see here, pls comment. Also I reserve the right to change this shedule according to mood or convenience:)

Wish me luck people. I might actually need it..

Oh and all of the above was actually written today - on Friday - Thursday's post is:

Reading Cecelia Ahern's "A Place Called Here". It's seriously good.


Anonymous said...

cute picture! :D
everything is so pink! xx

this wheel's on fire said...

i like this idea!

MsVeve said...

Thanks, it's always good to have a plan..