Monday, June 8, 2009

New nails.. to bring new luck!

My exam week has started and I'm a mess. Eating weird foods (at strange times of day might I add), no exersize, drinking tons of coffee and during moments of intense nervousness I've started to pick at my nails. Yeah, that adds up to a lovely picture, not. Anyways, today I've had just about enough of the godawful sight of my hands and could stand it no longer so I booked an appointment at my local hair/nail studio and ta da! Hot pink! Just rad. Hope they bring me luck tomorrow.

Oh and I have reinstated my prior Redbull addiction. The fridge is packed with these babies. Hell yeah! Bring it on..


sarah said...

i've been through a lot of stress this month, moving, 2 deaths, a 28 hour road trip, etc... and my nails look AWFUL. i am so jealous of your manicure, i really need one but can't get long nails because i'm a pianist. i will have to look at mine for at least a week until they improve :)

good luck on exams!

MsVeve said...

Well I'm jealous you're a painter:))
thank you and will be hoping for less stress for the both of us..

BB&HH said...


i soo would like u to let me know how u find it !

see you kitty !


Becca said...

I am also a member of the Red Bull addiction club! Ah well could be worse.. great blog! x

SCISI said...

love the tats