Friday, June 5, 2009

I love..

..getting my hair done. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm totally addicted, I'm always giddy and restless the week before I get my colour done. I try to get it coloured only once a month but I do cheat occasionally and it goes to about three weeks.

My hairdresser, who happens to be a very good friend of mine, has just opened a new studio called LUCKY HAIR (located at Poupetova street, Prague - Holesovice). The place is just incredible! I love the design! I mean, a leopard print couch? Tattoo motive paintings? Dancing hairdriers and scissors? Now that's all kinds of radness;)

What's your guilty pleasure?


MsVeve said...

And yes, I do have so more than one guilty pleasure;)

MsVeve said...

And yess I have wet hair in the pictures. Was right after colouring and had to wait a bit to get it cut/styled..

Damsels said...

guilty pleasure ?
eating an entire pint of ice cream and the RW/RR challenge on mtv at 3 am
We Were Damsels

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy i just found your blog, great post

CandyCane said...

Eating chips and drunk chain-smoking. Also making out with hot strangers:-)

MsVeve said...

I hear ya on the ice cream and occasional drunk smoke session:D
Oh and Vanessa - sweet blog! tried to comment but some error kept on occuring? so anyways rad dress!