Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovepoems to no one in particular..

How Much..

How much more
Could I possibly give
When I gave you my heart
You left it there
How much longer
Do you expect me to wait
There is nothing left
Now that it's too late

How much harder
Was I supposed to try
How much better
Were you than I
How much harder
Could I ever fall
Did you ever care or love me?
A little or non at all

How much stronger
Did you expect me to be
How much later
Will this be hurting me
When will you realize
That I am truely gone
How much will it still hurt
Before we move on

Will you even remeber
Will you ever forgive
How much more will I die inside
Though we both still live
Or will you change?
Will you love me forever
How much more can I take?
Or will it be never..

Written by MsVeve June 2009


pangea said...

I love your ventage every thing


MsVeve said...


Damsels said...

good poem good pic
We Were Damsels

Rand said...

love that pic!

MsVeve said...

Picture is of a photograph called Cigarette Girl. I've forgotten who it's by, the original is in outrageous colors and it's amazing.. unfortunately couldn't find it anywhere://