Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am so in awe right now..

The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl - Belle de jour

Belle de jour's blog and her books are just off the hook. I'm so shocked about how well it's written. I mean I expected to be shocked, yes, but by content not by quality. Her style is so straight-forward and yet at the same time cunningly amusing. I sincerely wish I could meet Belle in person, bet we'd be instant friends.

Also turned into an ITV show, have not seen it yet so cannot comment. Am interested thou.


MsVeve said...

so I've just seen the first episode of the show, starring Billie Piper, and to be honest I'm kinda dissapointed. HATE when they change simple facts (e.g. that she smokes - althou am generally I fan of smokers, when they're not supposed to be, they're just not supposed to be! - and management takes 30% not 40%, also who's Ben??, no mention of Hannah.) but will not judge till see whole season. and read the whole book - getting it for my bestfriend as a bday gift. anyways, just filling in loose ends;)

MsVeve said...

Ok so have worked my way thru more or less the complete first season and thou I have had my doubts and there are a bunch of things that do not add up (am wondering what the real Belle is thinking about the show..hmmm. and the 2nd season is supposed to end with her saying she will not give up escorting, huh, thou in reality she did..) I still have gotten quite used to the show and am nursing a new fondness for Billie Piper. She has so grown on me. Sweet girl. Good actress.