Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What to wear to jump outta an airplane?

That really is the question, isn't it? Ha, well tomorrow is D day and I'm in a bundle of nerves. Fussing about Buddy, time-management and not to mention the nagging thoughts in my head telling me I am going to die and it's going to be all my own bloody fault.

I have been advised to wear comfy (suitable for "landing") shoes - e.g. not taking the new peeptoes then - and apparently skirts aren't allowed either (bit of a disapointment, if you ask me..). So that kinda leave me with jeans and trainers, also known as the most boring outfit imaginable. What fun! And we'll be given some sort of a boiler suit (haha! never have worn one yet) to wear and a helmet. How flattering. And what's the point of it anyways? I mean, if the parachute doesn't open I doubt the helmet would help any.. Yup, you got it. I'm really "excited" about this whole deal. My best friend, sister, hairdresser and nail artist have all told me am crazy to be going but I've given my word and said I'd go so I'm going. I take my promises a bit too seriously, but then again, we each have our flaws, don't we.

Well, anyways, everyone else - who aren't my best friend, sister, hairdresser or nail artist - have assured me that it will be fun and very little chance of dying. I have thus decided to believe them and try to relish in the feeling of this self-inflicted dread. Yes, it will be fun! What joy awaits me! Yeay! (That is, unless I die..)

Am much more eager about the party afterwards thou. Now that should be a real head tripper. And will most definitely NOT be wearing no trainers or jeans to said party. No way. No way in hell.

UPDATE: the jump has been canceled due to bad weather. I guess some things just weren't meant to happen. Well at least party is still on, yeay:)))


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