Saturday, June 6, 2009

From the files of New

In your face fashion proudly presents this week's shopping finds:

1) totally OTT mini-mini-skirt that looks almost leather/PVC-ish. This is what I'll wear post uni-exams for the manditory party. Sick:)

2) the fringed sandals (in the perfect shade of brown to go with my "festival sack") - this was rather unexpected and thus all the better

3) the fake leather jacket - which I have been looking for since the end of winter. Finally.

4) pink studded fringed across-the-shoulder bag - I am in love with fringed accessories. S'hot.

5) vintage men's inspired shoes (now these are truely a treasure) that my Mum gave me. I'm a lucky girl. Yes, I know.

6) the perky hoodie - not the funnest item in the world but srsly, it's cold out there people.

7) peep-toe brown balerina flats - perfect for anything white (reminds me, must find sassy white long skirt/dress somewhere.. any ideas?)

8) big bold dark gold ring. Very badass.

My mid-exams "see-no-evil" pose. Flashing said ring and cozying up in new Pull&bear hoodie.

(brands: Topshop, Bata, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Tamaris, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius)

*missing picture of fringed sandals can be found in the comments


MsVeve said...

Yeah I've been a busy girl.. ;)

MsVeve said...

Here's a photo of the fringed Bata sandals. (bad photo but fuck it..)

comments? :)