Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things to do before I'm 30

My goal-oriented wish list:
  • become a doctor (e.g. finish university - Oh pleeeeeease God..)
  • write a best-seller (and then the script for the blockbuster;)
  • move outta my parent's house (to some lovely chic apartment/house preferably in Paris)
  • reach wardrobe heaven: custom-made closet as seen in SATC the movie (wouldn't mind some of the girls' clothes as well..)
  • travel the world (this topic will be majorly attended to this summer! cannot wait for my vacation!!)
  • read all the must-read books on my list (starting with "Other People's Love Letters")
  • get my nose fixed - hope will finally brave up to it come autumn/winter
  • actually fulfill some of the things I plan, ha!
  • obtain this Missoni dress (which is just amazingly beautiful. Althou to be honest, this last point on my list is probably the one I'd let go of most willingly. But still, it is a very lovely dress..)


MsVeve said...

No wait, maybe I'd trade it with the closet. After all, the dress is pretty fucking rad.;)

adrienne said...

wow that is some list! good luck! and you should def move out before you're 30!!

MsVeve said...

yeah I'm more worried "to lovely chic apartment/house" part than the actual moving out:))

Charles said...

great list...mine has owning the marc jacobs mouse flats rather than the missoni dress and getting engaged but the book writing and moving out of home i totally see that on my imaginary list =)

MsVeve said...

ohh the MJ mouse flats..well those were rather infamous weren't they? an interesting choice none the less.. and getting engaged, ha!, why didn't I think of that??;)