Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Saturday update..

As some of you may know with Friday gone I have finished this year's exam week (a bit of a mixed review on that one but I don't really want to get into that for it's not the time nor the place really) and have been celebrating my newfound free time (e.g. FINALLY got to see my bestfriend, srsly, it's been TOO long!! So making a post-exam resolution - no, not just to study more, hah! - but to make time for important non-academic related aspects of life such as seeing my dearest and nearest. One should always make time for bestfriends. Fact.) So that was yesterday, today was also spent in a rather glamorous manner. Have just gotten back from an all-day relaxing session (wonderful dinner, ok movie, some shopping etc.). And put in some family time as well.

The reunion. (Yes, wearing my fave Zara scarf, it's cold here people.)

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MsVeve said...

Sweetie, hope you don't mind posted a photo of you here. Was gonna crop you up a bit but then there'd be no picture left!!! Anyways, if you read this prior to my visit tomorrow, don't be pissed!:)
**will make it up with champagne!:)