Thursday, June 4, 2009

What to wear to university exams?

Legend has it that less is more and the simpler and less original the better. Legend is kinda right.. thou doesn't sound like much fun does it? Tough luck, it ain't all about the fun these days. It's kinda like dressing for court, you don't want to offend anyone and judges like blue;) There are many factors that influence the final outcome of course, such as if it is a written or an oral examination, what subject it is from and whether or not the profesor is an ass. Well, today I'm was writing my first exam and I went for casual. Getting dressed for a uni exam is almost the same as visiting your ex. You don't wanna look too good.. yet at the same time you wanna feel your best.. I was going for comfy meets semi stylish. Nothing OTT (mainly because it was FREEZING outside so the new Topshop miniskirt I bought was out of the question). E.g. jeans, leather jacket, printed tee.. I highly recommend taking something "lucky" along, just for good measure. I took my new Topshop earrings and ring. (The ring's pretty rad, isn't it?)


Anonymous said...

Love the quirky ring.xo

Ashleigh said...

I TRY to look decent for exams...key word = try..

MsVeve said...

Yeah, this was the first one so I actually did dress rather "normal" but taking said Topshop fake leather mini to the next written one, sod them:)