Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too many parties, too little time..

I'm afraid I've been too busy to write. It seems I have been overwheled with the idea of free time and so I've filled it up to the brim, hardly leaving space to walk the dog and/or sleep inbetween, not to mention actually going to work. I am eagerly looking forward to the family coming back from L.A. as to help me with poor Buddy..
Tonight I'm going to see Toxique play and tomorrow perhaps jumping out of an airplane (though due to recent events - girl and instructor dying this Sunday - am somewhat hoping it'll be thundering and thus trip canceled. Will let you know how it all turns out.)

Oh and yesterday was at another IronFist photoshoot - sack the make-up artist btw - and before that at Lucky Hair Studio. Busy as a bee. And later still went to Ujezd and then on a rainy walk to celebrate. Cpt. Morgan Spice..

Now off to get my nails done! Promise better posts to come, as soon as catch my breath.

Check out my new necklace..isn't it purrrrdy? Was gift from Aja, thank you hun!


Mila said...

Cool neklace!And love the song that`s playing!

MsVeve said...

Why thank you!:)