Sunday, June 21, 2009

Truth be told..

I have a confession to make, I have trouble.. with lipstick. Always just seems a bit too much. I'm more of a lip-gloss kinda girl, although mostly end up regretting it since I like to let my hair down and when it sticks, how annoying is that?? Anyways, I'm even completely satisfied with just lip balm.. as long as all necessary eye make-up is in place. Because eye make-up, darlings, is a whole nother story.
I love me some eye-liner! As thou reading my thoughts, Elle magazine has dedicated their July style section to a heavily rimmed Simona Krainova. I love these photos!! Dramatic yet incredibly sexy. And when a woman can look amazing with dripping mascara, that's one hot woman.

I, on the otherhand, prefer non-messy liner (well, on most days.. and especially for day. But sometimes I do go for that "Kate Moss after a party" look. And night-time make-up will have a whole post to itself, promise. Be scared.)
So how do you like your day-time make-up?


this wheel's on fire said...

i'm with you on this--usually just lip balm with eye make-up

MsVeve said...

I actually do tend to wear lipstick, but only at home. A bit strange, isn't it?