Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving on..

There comes a time when things end and one must except that, move on. It's hard when what you're moving on from is incredible and you know that you won't find anything better. Yeah, you guessed it, this is another SATC post.. well actually, not really. I'm done with SATC (well, until the next movie of course, I think I've re-watched all the episodes one too many times;)) and thus have branched out in hope to find new stylish shows to waste my time with..

What I found was: Lipstick Jungle (based on book, which was an okay read by Candace Bushnell - loved when Wendy got her groove back) and Cashmere Mafia (which sadly only had a first season run - 7 episodes - ABC dropped the show - I actually started to really like it, damn. Miranda Otto's character Juliet Draper kinda grew on me..). I've watched more or less most of the first season of Lipstick Jungle and althou it's no where near as good as SATC, for now it'll have to do..
Any suggestions? What shows do you watch?


boubou said...

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a bientot !

MsVeve said...

hey thanks, will definitely check it out!