Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Bit Retro

That's right, it's another shoe challenge post for you. I actually have three more pairs, besides the one in this post, to post but I think I might save those for tomorrow as two posts in one day is already a lot, no? Now add to that the photos from today's posts were taken in, gasp, two different places of the flat! I'm spoiling you, aren't I?

Shoes saved: Miss London rose detail heels in blue, bought in London two years ago
Where/ when: today, posing in front of my closet in the bedroom. I actually only wore the shoes around the flat today and when I popped out to the post office. The thing is, these shoes kinda pinch my toes so they're definitely not suitable to wear for a long time. I love the color of the shoes, the rose detail and the red sole so I knew I wanted to save them, but I also didn't want to torture my feet so it was a difficult save.
Wearing: polka dotted Rafaella top, H&M skirt, (also wore a fitted grey jacket, not shown). I really liked my outfit (though without the jacket), but I only noticed now whilst looking at the photos that the top is a little bit see-through. It's still really lovely a has a bit of a retro vibe, especially paired with this skirt!

close-up of the shoes. Lovely but painful.

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