Friday, October 4, 2013

It Was Still Summer Then

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll. Anyways, these photos (and shoe saves) were taken over the weekend. It has taken me so long to post them because they were taken by the boy with his phone (his takes better pictures than mine) and he was an ass reluctant to send them to me. I'm so happy he did though because I love that first photo!

Shoes saved: purple quilted flats with little pink hearts on one shoe
Where/ when: Wine tasting at the wine fields on Sunday afternoon (we went wine tasting on Saturday and Sunday - it was a good weekend indeed! See how happy I am?)
Wearing: Zara grandpa sweater (I'm addicted!), black tee, Zara mini skirt, red pashmina, also wore a bag but can't remember which one and it's not pictured in the photo since I flunked it down somewhere in order to have free hands for the wine and chips. Don't worry, I didn't forget it there and it made it safely back to the flat.

With that we are officially back on track and up to date. I'll be posting today's outfit sometime during the weekend. Oh and today the internet guy came to our flat (or at least I hope so, the boy was to take care of that issue) so I should have a good connection from now on. So see you soon, xo, Miss V

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