Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Some Close-ups

 I'll be heading off to bed soon but I wanted to catch up with a belated shoe save. These are the shoes I wore on Friday, when I promised you a outfit post. Sadly, I did not manage to snap up an outfit photo, even though I rather liked what I wore. I had this whole black and white thing going on.

Shoes saved: Asos two-toned Mary Janes
Where/ when: Friday work & dinner
Wearing*: I wore a white tank top, H&M, a black long sleeved tee from Stradivarius (the neck lines of the white top and the black tee matched up nicely so a little of the white was visible, in a symmetrical way), a black mini skirt from H&M, black opaque tights, my trusty Parfois backpack and this coat. Sadly a button came off from the coat so I'll have to fix it (I hate it when buttons come off from coats!) Oh I also found a funny old picture of myself wearing the coat, here.

I like these flats quite a bit because I love the combination of black and white on shoes and I'm a big fan of Mary Janes (especially on flats!). I'm glad to have saved them but to be honest, I don't think it'll be any problem getting some serious wear out of them come Spring. They are comfy, a pleasure to walk in and are also quite easy to style. Next time I wear them I might want to clash them a bit with some fun bright flower print on a dress or something. We'll see.

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