Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tumbling Down a Steep Hill

It's early, well relatively. It'd be early if it was the weekend and I had a lazy day ahead of me. But it's Tuesday, I should already be out with the pig and getting ready for school. Instead I'm drinking mild coffee, downloading a textbook to my kindle and of course, saving some shoes in the shoe challenge. And I'm also very tempted to watch the latest Bones episode, but I think I should wait until after school.

Shoes saved: Zara Collection leather brogues
Where/ when: Saturday, pig day* (I wore these to my parents' house, we took the pig so we could wash him, and then to the animal day festival I mentioned in a previous post.)
Wearing: Mango jeans (these are favorites but sadly they seem to have really paled in the last wash even though I turned them inside out and used a special washing detergent for black clothes), H&M grey & black tee, Zara button up sweater, H&M coat, vintage bag.

Mr. Pig was very tired after his long day. I love spending time with Dracul but sometimes it's hard since he can be difficult and people - strangers we meet - can get seriously annoying. Like at the animal festival day thing, our pig club had a booth there and so we stopped by to support them. All of a sudden there was a huge crowd and people were just touching Dracul without asking and even some parents were telling their kids to go pet the pig (even if the kid in question had some food in his/her hands. Besides this being totally stupid behavior, it's also dangerous. Hello, it's a pig; a live, perpetually hungry, semi wild pig.) I don't mind people petting Dracul if they ask and if he's in a good mood (because he's a very social animal and luckily likes contact with people and enjoys a good back rub), but I find it very strange when people just assume that it's okay and don't ask.

I was also disappointed in one of the members of our pig club (and I don't mean about the argument a friend had with the boy, I'm talking about someone else). She fed Dracul food without asking and was giving him a lot of food. I don't mind the feeding part but when there's food and someone gives him food then he gets all excited/ crazy. We then had to leave because if someone would have then came up to him to pet him, he'd have been all crazy and then might of even bitten someone. Not that he did, but it could have happened.

This Saturday is another pig club day, which we have to go to since it's a vet meeting and Dracul needs his hooves shortened and he needs to get his vaccination. I hope it goes more smoothly and that there are no problems this time. Anyways, back to the shoes. These are a pair of older brogues I bought three winters ago in the post Christmas sale. They are perfect and I love them. Soft leather, nice detailing, pure comfort shoes. You can see when I wore them previously (though I don't always post about it, I wear them quite a bit) here (my favorite), here and here.

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