Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finally Fall

 So far this week has been pretty good - the weather has been nice and sunny, work has been alright and yesterday I went to see Escape Plan. I actually really liked the movie, it's an action flick, the screenplay could have been a bit better but Arnie and Stallone are both very good in it (especially Arnie, I thought he was hilarious). I'll have the date night outfit for you in a later post (as some of the photos are on M's phone and though I've asked him to send them to me, he hasn't done so yet. Typical.)

However, there have been other shoes and other outfits that I will gladly show you now. (After all, there's a challenge going on and my shoes need saving!) This week finally feels like Fall (instead of a bleak winter which is what we usually have here in Prague). I took advantage of it and yesterday during the day went out wearing only a blazer and a long sleeved tee paired with a bright colored miniskirt. I apologize in advance for the "I'm taking a selfie" expression on my face. It's because I always feel ridiculous taking a selfie. But whatever, the outfit was cute.


Shoes saved: Next leather flats with buckle/bow detail
Where/ when: Monday - uni, lunch, work
Wearing: Stradivarius jersey blazer, Stradivarius long sleeved black top, Espirit shawl, Zara miniskirt, opaque tight, Mark B for Topshop bag

Next is a save from sometime last week. I can't remember which day I wore it though I think it was on Thursday. Anyways, these shoes are quite old and they're not really that special or anything, but I like the chain detail and they're good for when I just want to throw some shoes on and not really think about it. Though to be honest, I think they'll become pig walking shoes soon. And that means that pretty soon I'll need a new pair of flat ankle boots. Yeay, shoe shopping is near!

Shoes saved: Zara TRF chain detail flat ankle boots
Where/ when: sometime last week, uni classes
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans, Topshop coat

I'm off to watch the latest episode of Bones. Booth and Brennan are getting married! So I'll leave you with a photo of Mr. Pig. He's so cute right? And it's a photo of a pig in a blanket. You're welcome.

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