Monday, October 14, 2013

I Survived the Storm

Hey guys, sorry about not posting on Friday and during the weekend. I was too tired to write anything and instead was just lazying about. However, I did promise you a pair of shoes I wore earlier in the week and now I can officially save them in the challenge. So without further ado...

Shoes saved: Zara two-tone toe-capped court heels
Where/ when: sometime last week (Monday night?), dinner at Harfa
Wearing: Stradivarius fake leather cropped jacket, thrifted knitted vest, H&M dress, Stradivarius bag

I really liked this outfit and felt very good in it - I was especially pleased how the dress looked with the vest though the photo doesn't really do it any justice. I also quite like these shoes and I think they look very nice with the contrasting black opaque tights. Comfort wise these shoes are okay but not for long periods of walking. (I was very happy about going to Harfa by car instead of walking/ taking public transport because I'm a bit lazy when I'm in heels. Well, it depends on the heels in question but I was definitely not about to walk far in these.) Below is their product picture from Zara and you can see that the heel is on the higher side. But it is just a lovely shoe, isn't it? I really like the cap toe with its contrasting color! Glad I saved them so early in the challenge:))

One more save for you today and it's from this morning when I was out walking the pig.I wanted us to have a nice photo but obviously Mr. Pig didn't agree with this idea. He was all like "why are we stopping? oh let's have a cuddle" and so we had a cuddle. And you can still see one of the shoes so it was a win.

Shoes saved: Gate shiny ballet flats
Where/ when: pig walking this morning
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans

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