Thursday, October 24, 2013


I don't know what it is but it seems that time has been flying by lately. I have so much to do but have been getting very little done. I'm working from home today but instead of finishing up a few projects that are pending, I have done nearly nothing. Well, I did go on a super long walk with Mr. Pig but I doubt that counts. I plan on working harder in the afternoon though. Definitely. Now, on to some shoe saving.

Shoes saved: Pull&Bear Xdye tassel detail wooded wedges bought ages ago
Where/ when: Thursday, lunch date
Wearing: Zara TRF tee, H&M miniskirt, thrifted jacket, opaque tights

I remember when I was buying these shoes I saw them at the last minute before going to pay for the other things I was buying (can't recall what those things were because like, it all happened ages ago). Anyways, I saw these shoes and I was like "OMG I need these". I was out shopping with my sister. I tried on first the EUR 39 (UK 6) size, but they felt a bit too tight, then I tried on the EUR 40 (UK 7) but my feet were falling out of the shoes at every step. I ended up buying the Eur 39 pair and I remember when I wore them out for the first time, they were very uncomfortable. But they felt okay today so that must mean that they have been finally broken into. Hurray!

On to another shoe challenge save - it's from sometime last week. Tuesday maybe? These are flats from Zara I bought in the sales, I wore them for a typical day at work/school. I think my outfit was a black dress and I'm pretty sure I wore my Parfois backpack, though it's not pictured. But I usually wear it when I go to school and work because if I'm carrying around my laptop, it's just easier to have a backpack instead of a handbag.

The shoes are nice and comfy, they definitely remind me of slipper shoes. And I love a good mustache. Stay tuned as I have one more post for you soon!

Shoes saved: Zara green velvet gold mustache flats
Wearing: Asos coat, opaque tights

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