Friday, October 4, 2013

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

 So I didn't post anything yesterday. It's because I just didn't have the energy to lug my computer with me to work (with all the other crap I had to have with me that day). I'm a bad blogger, I know. But whatever. Here's some shoe saves:

Shoes saved: Topshop gold quilted flats
Where/when: Wednesday night dinner
Wearing: Camaieu 60's coat, Zara, grandpa sweater (which I have been wearing too much lately - it's seriously winter over here!), H&M star print dress, Asos hat

Nothing much to say about these shoes. They are interesting enough with the quilting and the lovely gold color and they are seriously comfortable shoes. They also have a tiny bow at the front. I bought them long ago, they've gotten their fair share of use but are still looking good (which is more than I can say for some - like those pink pointed toe flats I saved over the weekend? Well I decided it was time to say goodbye, along with two other pairs of shoes. R.I.P.). I like to wear them with opaque tights for a nice contrast, like I'm doing here. Looking back at this photo I realize I should have really brushed my hair. (It's like Cousin Itt is under my coat, a bit creepy really.) Next time...

Shoes saved: Stradivarius boots (will try to take some close-up photos and post them in a new post over the weekend because these boots are really special and they deserve an honorable mention)
Where/when: uni class and then work on Thursday
Wearing: H&M coat, H&M dress, Zara green sweater (you can't see it because it's under the coat, duh.), red pashmina, Asos hat, Zara Office City bag

Neutral colors mixed with happy colors. I really liked this outfit. The Zara Office City bag is a constant in my wardrobe and was definitely a good purchase! And these are one of my favorite pair of boots. Like I said above, they deserve close-up pictures because they have quite interesting details. I'll show you later, I promise. Oh and look, I brushed my hair!

Shoes saved: New Look suede creepers
Where/when: Wednesday uni classes (this was a very tiresome day with lots of running around)
Wearing: H&M coat, Parfois bakcpack, the same dress as in the first photo (hey, it's from the same day)

Shoes saved: these are just some old Ugg boots (which aren't really in the challenge but I like how the shoes look with this coat)
Where/when: Thursday night food shopping
Wearing: one of my favorite coats - it's from Asos (love the color!!!), can't recall what I wore under it but since you can't see it anyways, I doubt anyone cares really. Hat gifted from my grandma Helenka, canvas tote bag (for my veggie shopping).


Pink Haired Princess said...

It does look cold there! I'm still resisting a coat...been a little warmer this weekend thankfully.

MsVeve said...

It has gotten even colder now. I hate wearing a coat so early on but better than freezing:/