Thursday, October 10, 2013

Casual in Heels

Today I woke up with the beginnings of the flu and because I have an intense weekend planned, I decided it'd be best to heal this thing before it gets the chance to really take over. So I'm working from home and have decided to skip my uni classes. I will have to do some studying on Sunday but today I'm relaxing.That also means that today I won't be saving any new pairs of shoes in the challenge because I don't plan on changing out of my PJ's but luckily I still have a few pairs I saved earlier but haven't showed you yet.

Shoes saved: Timeless Nip Ankle Boot via Asos
Where/ when: Sunday lunch at our pizza place
Wearing: Camaieu coat, Zara varsity sweater, Mango tee, Zara jeans, Pull & Bear bag

 What can I say about these shoes? Well, for one thing, I was glad I only wore them to the near-by pizzeria because these shoes have a super high heel and really aren't best for walking. I think the term is car to bar shoe? Not sure, but whatever, I saved these fair and square. Oh and I'll just add that (as you could probably tell from the photo) my favorite combination for leopard print is with red. On to the next save:

Shoes saved: Zara lace-up ankle boots
Where/ when: dinner Monday at Harfa
Wearing: lots of layers! H&M coat, Zara sweater, H&M black and grey tank tops, Mango jeans, Zara bag

I've had these shoes for a while (like 4-5 years?) and wear them time to time. They're okay, just not my favorites. My sis bought them for me (Hi sis!) and they are that type of shoe that look good either dressed up or down. I chose the down version here for dinner at a shopping center. Anyways, I have one more save for you but that'll wait until tomorrow as it's time for me to feed the pig and take him for a walk (which I REALLY don't want to as I am feeling quite awful.) Bye for now.

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