Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shiny Shoes

I've had myself a very hectic weekend/week and that definitely transpired onto the blog in the form of having no time for posting. The boy was away for the weekend and I had a girls' night on Friday with my sis - we went to the cinema and then we went to my flat, drank cider while chatting and then went to sleep. The next day my sis went home and I went food shopping and then meet a friend at the bus station and had a whole busy day with lots of fun. My friend's moving to Prague and we went apartment hunting (and saw two horrible flats) but luckily she found one that's good. We then had another girls' night and she stayed at my flat. I was helping her move yesterday (had to skip uni classes!) and so had no time to spare. Oh and Monday was a state holiday and M was back so we had a lazy day. Now, on to some shoes:

Shoes saved: Zara sequin ballerina flats
Where/ when: I wore these on our Saturday night out but didn't get any pictures taken so wore them again on Monday when M & I went to his parents' flat for lunch
Wearing: for the night out I was all edgy with my Henry Holland suspender tights and my blue Topshop dress and a Topshop belt and my favorite Zara fake leather jacket (sorry, no picture); for Monday's family lunch I wore a Pull & Bear black playsuit, a tee and my trusty green Zara coat. And my Mark B for Topshop bag.

I'll just very briefly mention the cider me &my sis had on Friday. I love ciders (prefer them to beer or wine) and I'm quite picky about ciders. Somersby is definitely one of my favorites! It's a Danish cider and I definitely agree that it's best served over ice. It is delicious and refreshing, I highly recommend it!

Anyways, back to the shoes. They were an easy save in the challenge because well, they're quite impressive shoes right? I love the sequins and I love how sparkly they are! And they're flats and that means I can wear them out into the city without having to worry about cobble stones or walking long distances. I have two more saves to show you but that'll have to wait until I get home from work and uni. Until then, mwah.


Erika T. said...

The gold shoes with the green jacket go very well together. And that is a great jacket, btw. Love the color!

MsVeve said...

The jacket was from Asos two winters ago. Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)