Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different... Or Not.

Hey guys! Yesterday I came too late after my classes to want to blog about anything, so I'm making up for it today with, yup, you guessed it, two posts. The first will be a little different from my usual posts, hence the title, because although it is a shoe challenge save and an outfit post, it doesn't have me in it, it's just the clothes and the shoes on their lonesome*.

Shoes saved: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa flats
Where/ when: lunch today at our local pizzeria (I was kinda disappointed today because I ordered a pizza and asked if they could not put the peppers on it that was listed in the toppings and they said that yeah sure and then of course lo and behold, there were peppers on the pizza. Fail.)
Wearing: H&M swallow print dress, Zara grandpa sweater (which you all know that I love), Mark B for Topshop bag (one of my favorites), (red pashmina and opaque tights - not pictured)

* So about why I decided to try to change things up a little: first (and the main reason really) because I'm a bit on the lazy side and since today I had a tiresome morning (taking Mr. Pig to the vet), I didn't feel like putting make-up on or doing my hair and I figured you've already seen enough photos of me without make-up and with a crappy hair style. Second, I love seeing just the clothes speaking for themselves as you have in magazines, where they show you what you're supposed to buy every season. Speaking of buying stuff, I've been really good lately and haven't bought anything in AGES. Well actually, I've aukroed (Czech ebay-ish website) two pairs of shoes and am waiting for them to arrive. But otherwise nothing. I've been so good it's definitely time to buy something soon. I'll keep you posted.

Now just a little something about the shoes. These are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa logo embossed ballerina flats in blue. They are a size UK 7 (I usually wear UK 6 but they were the last pair and I like my flats a little roomy for more comfort so I bought them. There may be a little too much room for comfort in these though, I would have preferred if they were a tiny bit smaller but whatever.) I've worn them countless times, although I didn't really document it here on the blog. I only found one post where they appear. I might start doing daily outfit posts, we'll see. Stay tuned for the next shoe save, it'll be up in a little bit.

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