Friday, October 25, 2013

Machete Kills

 Last night, M & I went to the cinema to see the sequel to Machete, Machete Kills. I had mixed feelings about the movie as I thought it could have been loads better but I was so happy to see Lady Gaga in a movie that I actually kind of liked the film. If there's another sequel I'll only go see it if she plays in it because otherwise it definitely would not have been worth it. M hated the movie and said he wouldn't go see the sequel for anything in the world. But I bet I could talk him into it. Well maybe. Whatever.

Shoes saved: Topshop Galaxy heels
Where/ when: Thursday night - movie date, Machete Kills
Wearing: Zara Woman cape, Promod cropped sweater, Zara Collection dress, Mango quilted bag

I wasn't entirely sure how I would go about saving these shoes in the challenge but I knew it wouldn't be too difficult as I'm a sucker for gold studded shoes. I got these in the after Christmas sale early this year. This was the first time I wore them and they were okay. I really liked my outfit but sadly didn't have time to take a proper photo at home and then at night when we got back it was too dark so I only have this photo from M's phone to show you.

Shoes saved: Pull & Bear lace-up flats with buckle detailing
Where/ when: today, work
Wearing: It has gotten colder again so I'm layering tings up a bit. Pull & Bear fake leather hooded jacket, red pashmina, H&M long sleeved top, H&M white tank top, Mango jeans, vintage belt, Parfois backpack

M is off for the weekend to a friend's birthday party at a cabin and I was supposed to go as well but no one wanted to look after my pig so I can't go but luckily a friend is coming on Saturday and we'll have a fun girls' night. I hope I'll save some awesome shoes...

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