Friday, November 15, 2013

Brrr It's Cold

I had a bit of a strange day yesterday - I went to work, then to uni class, then home and I even went running!! (I haven't been running or to the gym in AGES, so I was quite proud of myself.) I mean it was a good day but I didn't feel like blogging. So sorry about not posting. This is yesterday's outfit:

Shoes saved: River Island brown faux fur lined quilted boots (you can get them here)
Worn on: Thursday, 14.11.2013 - to work and to uni (obviously, I didn't go running in them, just in case you were wondering!)
Wearing: Mango jeans (these are beginning to get worn out and will need replacing soon :/), Mango coat, red pashmina, Bershka hat, Zara office City bag. I wore a Zara button down shirt in tartan and a Zara knitted vest but you can't see those.

Yeah, I know, I still suck at those outfit photos. I thought the new flat would fix that but the lighting has a lot to be left desired and well, we're still working on it. Furthermore, there's stuff going on in my personal life, that I won't go into, but it definitely occupies my mind, meaning that taking photos of my clothes seems a little bit ridiculous. Especially if the lighting is crap. Wow, isn't this a lovely post? Let's get back to the shoes - they're basically Ugg boots with some detailing. But when it's cold, I like Ugg boots. So I'm okay with that. I like the quilted detailing and the zipper looks nice (though it does tend to get stuck so you have to be careful while zipping it up). And they're definitely nice and warm. Prague has gotten fucking cold and I'm torn between embracing that (wearing boots) and ignoring it (saving shoes). I mean, just two days ago I wore the shoes shown below. They're from Topshop and are a spiked slipper flat shoe. I think I'll save them in the Spring officially, so this isn't their shoe save post, but I wanted to show you the contradiction that is my outfit choosing.

This has been a shoe challenge post


Pink Haired Princess said...

I know what you mean, I can't decide whether to try and cope in shoes for as long as I can or just give in and wear boots all the time. It's gotten really cold this week, but I haven't been out since last Wednesday, so have been snuggled indoors in a blanket!

MsVeve said...

I'm snuggled today which is a welcome change from the crazy that has been this past week.

Can't wait to hear about your trip on your blog:)