Friday, November 29, 2013

Catching Fire

 Last night I finally went to see Catching Fire, swoon. Ahh young love. It was so much fun. I'm a Peeta fan btw, he's so much better than Gale. Anyways, I love dressing up to go to the cinema, especially if I'm taking the car. Last night was no different which was lucky as I got to save another pair of shoes. So yes, this is another shoe challenge post. I'm having issues this week with posting my photos on the shoe challenge site and it's quite frustrating but hopefully it'll get solved soon? Back to the shoes:

 Shoes saved: Asos Puzzle Platform Pumps
Worn on: 28.11.2013 - movie date
Wearing: Mango motorcycle jacket, Pull&Bear sweater, Reserved dress, Mark B for Topshop bag


Pink Haired Princess said...

I don't recall ever seeing those shoes on ASOS, very unusual.

MsVeve said...

They're from a couple years ago. I think they had them in black as well (but those were less unique somehow).