Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Daily Adventures

 Like I mentioned in my last post, Monday was as full of activity as was the weekend. Our institute hosted a symposium that I was obliged to attend. I had uni classes in the morning and I went running before going to school, then I attended the work event. Then I went home to tend to the pig and later still I went to the pub with friends. HECTIC.

Shoes saved: Zara boots (I DIYed these from knee highs to ankle boots)
Worn on: Monday 18.11.2013 - uni classes and work symposium
Wearing: Asos coat, Mark B for Topshop bag, Pull &Bear sweater (I have more of these, I liked this sweater so much I went back to the store and loaded up on them), Zara dress (which is way cute and am a bit sad that you can't see it)

*I don't know why the photo above looks so weird. It looks completely fine on my computer but it loaded strangely onto the blog. But I can't be bothered to look into the code to fix it.You can see the photo here.

The work event was okay, but the pub later was better haha. We went to Lokal - I would definitely recommend this pub to anyone coming to Prague and looking for good beer. I'll post that outfit in the next post but I promised you the outfit that I wore to M's for lunch and here it is:

Shoes saved: one of my all-time favorite shoes - River Island Furry Ankle Boots
Wearing: Zara leopard print pants (I know, these pants are insane), H&M tee, H&M jacket, vintage leather bag, phone & headphones (have been IN LOVE with the Kills lately and listening to them nonstop, and also this song from the White Stripes - which I absolutely adore).

I don't blog enough about these ankle boots but they really are the best. They are super warm, outrageously comfortable and yet still unique enough to stand out. I love them. But I should have probably worn them with different pants as the leopard print really steals the show, doesn't it? And not entirely in a good way. Here you can see how the shoes look with black pants and I think they work better that way. (And hey, it's the old flat! Prague 4, I miss you!). Anyways, the leo pants are crazy hard to style to make them seem normal. I think they look good when paired with neutral flats and just a tee but they're definitely not good for layering. But I was in a hurry and just went with it. They probably looked even worse when I wore them to walk the pig but the pig looks cute here so I'm posting it. It's time for a super late dinner so I have to finish and run, see y'all tomorrow.

This is a shoe challenge post.

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