Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wish List

I am so so behind on my Christmas shopping, it's starting to worry me. Usually I already have the majority of my gifts either bought, made or at least planned but this year? So far, I only have one gift bought and a few thought out and that's it. It's a nightmare. I mean, gift giving can be so hard with some people. For example, I never know what to give my brother or my father. On the other hand, there definitely are people that are super easy to buy gifts for, like my mom or my sis. I am also one of those 'happy-with-everything' people. Plus if anyone didn't have a clue, they could simply check out my blog. So, in honor of the holidays and gift giving, here is my current wish list:

So with me, it basically comes to a few favorites. I love shoes, books & animals. Sadly, I don't think I'll be getting any new animal pals but if I could choose, I'd definitely pick this little guy:

OK, so I don't actually really know what animal this is (some kind of rat?) but goodness, isn't he so cute? Here's hoping. But realistically, I wouldn't mind some Melissa shoes:

The Dreamed by Mel Melissa Raspberry pump is a shoe I have been lusting after for a while now and would love to have. I really like the black version with the red heart or the nude version with the black heart. I also wouldn't mind the flats version - especially the black on black ones. So pretty. But honestly, I'd love almost any Melissa shoes. Definitely one of my most favorite brands!

Speaking of favorite brands, I wouldn't mind some shoes from Irregular choice either! I just checked the Irregular Choice website and there are quite a few shoes I found myself interested in...

"Another Lost Weekend" - such a cute name for a shoe and I adore that little brooch on the bow.

"Carpe Diem" - I love a sparkly heel. And the kitsch factor of this shoe. Sharks!

"Marshmallow Mountain" - I have a thing for slouchy boots and for marshmallows.

"Mosatccio" - some sparkle and a mustache;)

"Oz" - love the shoes, love the name!

Quite a nice pair of boots right? A bit simple for IC but I like them nonetheless. They're called "Party Pants".

"Wisker" - love that little kitty!

"Mary Elizabeth" - such interesting boots.

 I was a bit surprised that Irregular Choice have their own wedding collection of shoes because I hadn't heard of it before but it's been a while since I've been to their website and all. Anyways, I really liked these two pairs:
"Love & Magic" - such lovely detailing!

"We Found Love" - these are exquisite. Love the shape and that beautiful flower.

Phew, this is becoming a super long post right? Sorry, but I really love IC and couldn't narrow it down. Now, I'd get on to the books but I know I couldn't keep that list short either, so it'll come up in a different post (or you can check out my amazon wish list). That's it for today, see you tomorrow with some shoe saves.


Pink Haired Princess said...

Men in general are difficult to buy for! I have three nephews and my Dad and brother in law. I've not been very organised this year either, but it's all coming together now. Even got some posted today, just have a few cards to write.

My IC wishlist is too long!! I'm getting my santa heels, but have been lucky enough to wear them before Christmas. I love those Melissa courts too.

MsVeve said...

Do you think you could perhaps share what your gifts were after Christmas? I'd love to get inspired for years to come. I ended up getting my brother a lithograph painting and so far a book for my dad (I'm sure they don't read this blog so no worries so being discovered:)).