Friday, November 29, 2013


Sorry about yesterday - too much going on. I haven't been on my best shoe saving game lately but that should change tonight as I am heading to an awful boring event and will at least save some killer heels. And I saved some nice shoes yesterday too (which will be in my next post). Otherwise during the weekend I've kept thing super simple - functional shoes. Meaning low or flat heel and warmth. Like the ones below, which also happen to be my least favorite boots. Yes, really. I've had them for years and I remember liking them at least moderately when I bought them but for the past couple of years I have really disliked them. I wear them once in a while when I don't care what I'm wearing and need a comfortable black pair of boots.

Shoes saved: Bata boots, bought ages ago

I wonder why I dislike them so much - I mean, there's nothing wrong with them. They have a nice enough style and I like those little studs. I remember when I bought them (my ex-best friend bought them as well) we were thinking that they're a nice pair of casual and slightly rocker chick boots. Maybe it's because they remind me of her. I wonder if that's it. Whatever, they're saved.

Next I want to show you a pair of shoes that have nothing to do with the shoe challenge and are pure fun. That's right, home slippers. I recall seeing this photo article in last month's Cosmo about celebs wearing slippers outside. I like these Marks'n'Spencer slippers but I wouldn't wear them outside! Even though they have hearts and I'm particularly fond of a good heart print. So, you might be a tad confused now and be all like why is she showing us her slippers? Well, it's because if you look closer at the photo above you will notice.. the famous silk shorts I've mentioned repeatedly and never shown. Yup, it's them alright. And I thought I might as well show you a close-up of my slippers while I'm at it. You're welcome. Stay tuned for my next post. It won't be long now.

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Pink Haired Princess said...

Haha, certain people here wear their slippers to the local store if they live nearby!!