Monday, November 4, 2013

Warm and Cozy

Another day, another pair of shoes. Now I've worn quite a few pairs lately but have been crap at taking photos so I only have one pair to save in the challenge today. But first I want to show you a really cute pair of earrings I bought on a whim last Thursday. I popped by Gate to check in case they have any layering tees in store (and they did, bought a white tee and a black one) and saw these and decided it's been a while since I've bought earrings and well, I wanted to give myself a little treat.

Okay okay back to the shoes. These are shoes that have been worn many many times. The are good sturdy lace-up ankle boot brogues, which I love wearing with skinny jeans (as seen here and here). I think I've worn them a few times with either dresses or skirts but I reckon they don't look as good as they do with skinnies.

Shoes saved: Stradivarius lace-up brogue ankle boots
Where/ when: work, Friday
Wearing: new Bershka hat, Pull & Bear turtle neck sweater, red pashmina, Mango jeans, Gate white layering tee. Vintage belt, Zara office City bag (not shown).

I've got loads to do today and am rather surprised that I managed to get a post in at all today. Hopefully, I'll get everything done and M & I will go to the movies tonight and I'll get to save some fun shoes. Fingers crossed! I'll leave you with a cute photo of Mr. Pig. Til next time, xo.

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