Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fold Over Cuff Boots

I had a far from normal Monday night, got extremely drunk, leading to a very hungover Tuesday and today I'm just glad to be alive. And you know, thinking I might never drink again. Anyways, I didn't get an outfit photo in before leaving to meet up with friends for the drinks and only got a blurry shoe shot from when I was going home. And I'm so tired - especially of people's bullshit. Whatever, since this is a sort of shoe blog, let's talk shoes.

So these are the shoes I was wearing. And I am totally considering them saved in the challenge as I did wear them and have the blurry evidence to prove it, ha! I kinda love these shoes. They're Abacus Lace Up Fold Over Cuff Boots that are from Asos. They have a perfect low heel (8cm) for wearing all night and I love love love the fold over cuff! They remind of a Victorian shoe. I dunno, they just do.

Like I said, I only have this hideous blurry thing as the photo of my outfit. Yeah, a real fancy metro escalator shot. How classy. Whatever. I wore a LBD and my favorite black sweater and my lovely topshop leopard print coat. You know the one. It's a favorite so it's been on the blog before. I leave you with pictures of the coat as I need to get dressed and go to school.


Pink Haired Princess said...

Oh, who's annoying you? I'll beat them up for you! ; )

MsVeve said...

Guy issues.. Men are seriously so confusing. But thanks, your comment made me laugh :))