Thursday, November 7, 2013

Movie VS Real Life

In an ideal world, I'd have a team supporting my blogging - someone to iron my clothes, someone to shine my shoes, but most importantly, someone to take my photos. In the real world, I'm my own support team and sometimes I convince my boyfriend to snap a photo of me. While on the subject of imaginary versus real life, the movie we went to see on Monday was "This is the End" where the actors are acting as themselves. I thought the idea was really good and sometimes the movie was really funny but I also thought the movie could have been better (those horrible masturbating arguments could have been cut out).

 Shoes saved: Melissa Vinyl Wedge in Red 
Where/ when: movie date, Monday night
Wearing: Zara Woman dress, Pull & Bear sweater, H&M Mama coat, H&M fake fur collar, Mark B for Topshop bag

As much as I love the brand Melissa, these definitely aren't my favorites. They pinch my toes so I only wear them about once a year for the challenge. And while I really like the Vinyl Wedges, I think I would have preferred them in the shiny plastic version instead of the ones I have (the furry ones). Oh well, can't have it all.

I also saved another pair of shoes - ones which are more comfortable than my Vinyl wedges but less stylish.These military style boots are winter favorites (especially since they have a zipper on the side and I don't have to do all the hard work lacing them up!) but are a bit harder to style. I first wore them on Sunday but didn't get any outfit photos so I wore them again.

Shoes saved: Motiv army boots
Wearing: Rare London dress, H&M army jacket

My brother is having a birthday dinner tonight (happy 30th!) so I'll save some pretty shoes tonight, until then, xo.


Erika T. said...

Love the boots!

MsVeve said...

Thanks:) I kinda DIYed them (they used to have this weird strap across the top with two buckles and though I liked it at the beginnings, later I thought I'd tried cutting it out and I think I like the boots without much more).