Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Reddest of Them All

 A while ago I professed my love for red shoes but also admitted to not owning that many pairs of red heels. Sadly, I haven't bought any new pairs of shoes - red or other - although I am looking for some new shoes (I want to replace my favorite slouchy boots as they are literally falling apart and I would love to have a pair of red ankle boots) I haven't come across any that would be right for me. So while I haven't got any new shoes to show you, I have saved a few in the shoe challenge.

Shoes saved: Zara Woman stain bow detail heels in red
Wearing: H&M polka dot skirt, Pull & Bear sweater, Zara leopard print shawl

These heels are a very old pair of shoes. They were one of the first (if not the first) pair of peep toe heels I ever bought. I remember falling in love with the bow and with the color (it is such a vibrant red). I guess I haven't changed that much since I still love the bow and the color, but there are also other things I really like about these shoes. I like the heel, which you can see in the photo below. I like that these heels, though they have a 9 cm heel, are surprisingly very comfortable and I am able to spend the entire evening in them and not have my feet killing me! That's a definite plus!

 As much as the shoes above are "comfy", when I go to work or uni classes and I commute, I really only wear flats (unless I have a short day and I'm not carrying too many things with me). Which brings me to the next shoe save:

Shoes saved: New Look two-tone flats
Where/ when: work, Monday
Wearing: Asos coat, Zara office City bag, Topshop tee, Zara miniskirt, red pashmina

Monday was a very hectic day and I chose comfort over everything else. I don't really have much to show you - I didn't manage to take any good outfit pictures - but I did take a close-up of the print on my tee. Isn't it so cute?? It's two skunks with their tails forming a heart and underneath them it says "kiss & tail". I really like this shirt. Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow with last night's outfit so see you soon.

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