Friday, November 22, 2013

You're gonna eat lightnin'

 Last night I went to a dinner and originally I thought I was going to wear something completely different but then practicality got the better of me (that certainly doesn't happen too often). I was going to wear some ridiculous OTT shoes but considering that I was going by bus instead of car, I chose boots that were actually made for walking.

Shoes saved: Fifth Avenue shearling detail boots
Worn on: 21.11.2013 - dinner date (and no, I didn't go to the Rocky Sport Bar, haha, but thought it was a lovely backdrop for my photos)
Wearing: Camaeiu coat, Liquor Brand bag, gift heart brooch on bag, Asos dress

These boots are nice and warm and have a low wedge heel so good for walking. That's all good but on the other hand, I don't think they look too good with jeans so I only wear them with dresses. And I don't wear them too often. But maybe I'm being too picky, perhaps they could work with pants. Whatever. Below is another shoe save and the last for today - I wore these yesterday for my long work & Uni day (photo is from when I finally came home) but I also wore them today to the lab. However, I didn't feel like taking an outfit photo yesterday and I definitely won't be taking one while I'm at work (can you say awkward), so this grainy shoe shot will have to do.

Shoes saved: Pepe Jeans lace-up boots (love the detailing - wish you could see it better)

Anyways, I'm off to lunch and then have a long day ahead so I guess I'll see y'all on Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

This is a shoe challenge post.


Pink Haired Princess said...

Haha, loving Sly in the background!

MsVeve said...

:))) He makes such a chic background doesn't he? :D