Friday, November 8, 2013

You Make Plans and God Laughs

 Last night my dearest brother celebrated his 30th by having a birthday dinner. We headed out to Brasileiro and I must say, it was a lot of fun. But before I get to the dinner, I'll mention my gift shopping outfit. I was a bit lost as to what to get him because although we are close, it's hard to get the little things right. I mean, I know what he'd want but it's not like I can afford to get him a new TV wall. So instead I got him a good port wine. I love port wine and figured it's a nice enough gift.

 Shoes saved: H&M green ballet flats
Where/ when: gift shopping mission, yesterday
Wearing: H&M dress, Bershka coat, Camaieu sweate, Pull & Bear bag

I must say, these shoes probably weren't the best for the muddy day it was but then again I didn't know how much walking I would be doing and so I risked it. Plus I was looking for comfort as I thought I'd be wearing heels during the night. And these shoes, though very basic, are cute enough with their green color (I'm a major fan of green). Anyways, with my gift figured out, I headed back home to change for the dinner. I had the perfect shoes planned too but nothing went according to plan. It took my longer than usual to walk Mr. Pig and then I was out of time, I could find the top I wanted to wear. You know the saying, you make plans and God laughs, well. Yeah. In the end I found the top, wore my new fancy shorts (sorry, not pictured) and was going to wear very fancy shoes too. But then I was already almost running late and needed sometimes I could fast-walk in. So by that time I was already in a hurry (I actually left the flat in my fancy heels and returned after I realized it be difficult to get to the restaurant (because there was walking, the bus, then the metro and then more walking involved). So I then chose these shoes instead.

Shoes saved: Melissa Butterfly flats in red
Where/ when: brother's bday dinner, last night
Wearing: I don't have an outfit photo - sorry - but I wore the following: Topshop black winter coat, red pashmina, Mango quiltedbag with chain strap, Stradivarius black long sleeved top, Asos silk fancy shorts

I have another shoe challenge post for you today that I'll get to as soon as I post this one.
So until then, see ya!

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