Friday, November 22, 2013


I don't always feel like blogging and if I have a lot to do on a particular day, I usually skip writing anything because I hate rushing posts. That's basically what had happened yesterday. I went to work, went to Uni, had to stop by the study department to get my student card renewed. I know, I should have done that ages ago but I couldn't be bothered. Then I had to stop by M's to fix a computer issue and then I had a dinner date. Anyways, I had forgotten to post these photos sooner, though this is a save from some time ago and what better time than now, right? These are some of my favorite shoes of all time, seriously. I love these.

Shoes saved: Topshop Kane studded strap flats
Worn on: Friday 15.11.2013 - dinner date
Wearing: Zara Woman hooded coat (I love the hood on this coat), Pull&Bear sweater, Asos fishnet tights over H&M black tights, Liquor Brand leopard print bag (another favorite), gifted heart brooch on bag, borrowed mustard pashmina, Black sweater dress (not shown)

So, the shoes, I LOVE these shoes. They are made from super soft leather, they have a lovely faded dark grey color and I adore the studded straps. Yeah, it's really all about the studded straps! I've had them for ages and still love them. Once a friend from Uni told me "I think these are the only shoes I've ever seen you wear more than once" (not true, but not that far off either). I couldn't find a product photo and this was the only close-up photo I could find on my blog, but at least you get the general idea of the shoe. Lovely, isn't it?

On Wednesday I went to meet up with my friend when she arrived in Prague and we then had dinner and gossiped. I guess the modern way to deal with a break up is not to cry and eat chocolates but to drink beer, eat pizza and watch crappy television. She seemed way happier at the end of the evening so I guess this remedy totally works. We'll be meeting up tonight to do a stop of clubbing but I have an early-ish day tomorrow so I hope I won't get home too late.

Shoes saved: Asos Active Wedge Trainers in blue
Worn on: Wednesday 20.11.2013
Wearing: basically the only thing you can see is the end of my H&M mama coat but I also wore those elusive Asos satin shorts I wore to my brother's bday dinner that never got photographed (those little devils) and a Stradivarius long sleeve tee (goes perfectly with the shorts) and a black button down sweater. 

Anyways, the shoes are pretty neat - they have a 8 cm wedge so are perfect for walking and are seriously as comfortable as trainers. You can see them here on Asos but they're sold out. Stay tuned for one more shoe save coming right up!

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