Thursday, December 5, 2013

Before and After

 First of all, these pictures suck. I know. But M has borrowed my camera and has not returned it yet (dude, seriously?) and so I'm stuck with just my cell phone camera. But I just had to share my recent hair color change with you. I can't keep a secret haha. So, as you know, I used to have loooong dark brown hair, right? Like the way it's pictured below:


Shoes saved: Zara leather boots, bought last year (thanks sis!)
Worn on: 3.12.2013 (Tuesday) - picture taken on the way to the hairdresser's
Wearing: Zara Woman winter coat (the warmest I have, so I love it), Zara leopard print scarf, H&M studded bag (have been too lazy to change bags), H&M LBD, Pull & Bear sweater

I don't really have a before and after photo as I arrived home from the hairdresser's super late and didn't take a photo. But I took a pic on the next day when I went to school. Tada! I have strawberry blond hair.


Shoes saved: NYer ankle boots / wedge trainers
Worn on: 4.12.2013 - uni day
Wearing: Zara Woman winter coat (I probably won't be wearing any different coat for a while, Prague has gotten cold), Zara leopard print scarf (another favorite), H&M bag (ehm), Mango jeans (favorites), white Reserved tee (that you can't see) and Bershka sweater (also not shown).

I promise once I get my camera back (by Friday, hopefully) I'll post some proper hair pics. But the phone pics aren't that bad, right? And how else would I save any shoes? Until next time, see ya!


Pink Haired Princess said...

I like it. I can't get over how long your hair was!

MsVeve said...


I know! It was sooooo long. I actually got it cut because it would be a pain to get all that hair dyed so it was easier just to cut it shorter. And cheaper! :D