Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just Woman

Winter fashion can be seriously boring. I actually have a winter uniform - more on that at the bottom of this post - and I tend to get stuck in my uniform on most days. It's dark and it's cold and I basically just want comfort and warmth and usually also the least possible effort. Actually, I just want to hibernate and wake up in Spring. I tried to shy away from my uniform today and wore a different coat and non-black footwear. Amazing, isn't it?

Shoes saved: Just Woman boots
Wearing: Zara Woman coat, Gate white tee, H&M miniskirt, Zara Office City bag

So, the shoes. I really like these - they have a nice sturdy heel and are stylish yet still comfortable for normal day use. I absolutely love the color - they go so well with my Zara Office City bag. Like they were made for each other. Definitely one of my more easier saves in the challenge. As for the uniform - it's a day uniform. What I usually wear either to work or to uni or day time activities.

Basically it's my Zara Woman winter coat that I have been wearing almost non-stop this winter (and last winter too ever since I got it from my sis as a Christmas gift). I love this coat - it's super warm and has the most adorable hood. So I usually don't wear a hat but I was feeling fancy here and decided to sport one. Next it's my Ugg boots or my River Island boots. Comfort and warmth. Key words here. And then thick tights and whatever underneath - though usually I go for black in the winter. I prefer thick tights and a dress or skirt to pants and in the winter even more so. Dunno, it just feels more me.

Wearing: Zara Woman winter coat, Topshop leather gloves, Bershka hat, H&M scarf, River Island fake fur lined boots saved here, vintage bag

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