Thursday, December 12, 2013

In the Holiday Spirit

Disclaimer: I wrote this post yesterday but then managed to completely delete the text to it by accident. I was so frustrated by this turn of events that I went on to watch episodes of Project Runway and decided to write the post today instead. I haven't really been in a blogging mood lately, because I don't really find winter inspiring and winter fashion is also not really my thing. I usually just end up wearing black on black. On the other hand, I love love love Christmas and the holidays.So winter isn't all bad.

Remember how I went to the hairdresser's? Well after washing my hair the first time, the color has changed and it's a bit more red now. So I'm definitely excited about January and about my next visit to the hair salon. But I want to enjoy my holidays and don't want them to end any time soon! Plus uni exams are drawing near and I have a lot of studying to do!!

Shoes saved: New Look wedge trainers
Worn on: 8.12.2013 - Sunday lunch and wrapping paper shopping
Wearing: warmest winter coat Zara Woman, studded bag H&M, opaque tights F&F, black turtleneck Promod, black knitted vest New Look, black miniskirt Zara

More about the shoe challenge here.


Pink Haired Princess said...

Argh, I hate when the text disappears and you have to rewrite it-I can never be bothered writing the same thing again!

MsVeve said...

I know. Plus I was like "what had I written before??". So then I just ended up writing whatever to get it over with :)

Kim Cross said...

Have you already decided what hair color you’ll have in January? Well, changing your hair color is a great way to make a beyond-sexy statement. Also, January seems like the perfect time for you to do it. New Year, new you! It would be fun to experiment new hair trends. :)
Kim Cross @ Charisma For Hair