Monday, December 16, 2013

Major Makeup Haul

As I mentioned in the last post, I did some serious shopping this weekend. I figured it's been a long time since I've treated myself to some makeup goodies and why not go all out once in a while. I visited my local Sephora and made a beeline to the Benefit corner. I love love LOVE Benefit cosmetics. From their quirky packaging to the fun names of the products, Benefit really speaks to me.

I started with this awesome casette - the Do the Bright Thing makeup kit. It consists of That Gal brightening face primer (this soft pink primer, I especially love the city skyline design on the little tube bottle), High Beam luminescent highlighter (I love this product, it's a pearly pink highlighter that really makes a difference), Dendelion ballerina pink face powder with an application brush, Bad Girl waterproof eye liner and finally They're Real mascara (which was voted one of the all-time best mascaras out there).

The next casette I got was the Feelin' Dandy lip & cheek kit. It's a smaller package but still so adorable and I think totally worth the cost. It has another little container of High Beam highlighter and Dandelion powder and brush as the other package had (but I figure I'll use both these products a lot so it's not bad to have two), then Posie Tint cheek tint (that you can use on the lips as well) and finally Dandelion ultra plush lip gloss.

The last Benefit casette I got was the Primping with the Stars "fake-its" kit that consists of some wonderful little items: Stay Don't Stray primer for concealers and eye shadows in light/medium (I'm really loving this product and think I'll get the full-sized bottle once I finish this little one), Some kind - a gorgeous foundation faker (I wish this had been in light instead of medium as it's a tad too dark for me so I can only use it for cheek definition), Bene Tint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain (so pretty!), Pore Fessional balm to minimize the appearance of pores (amazing product), Girl Meets Pearl liquid pearl for face and finally another little tube of the famous They're Real mascara.

Here's a close-up photo of the items in the casette. I think the items are a bit over priced but then again, if I'm going to splurge on the full sized bottles, I want to know if they really work so it's not bad to get these packages before. Luckily Sephora had a buy two get the third item free deal so I only paid for the two more expensive packages and got Feelin' Dandy for free.

I also stopped by Fann parfumerie and bought the internet-praised Lollipops Paris cheek & eye shadow powder. The packaging is sooooo beautiful!!! I was first thinking I'd get this for someone as a gift, but then I was like it's quite pricey and I'm not sure she'd like it so fuck it, I'm getting this for myself.

Isn't it gorgeous??? And it looks really good on as well. Anyways, I'm sorta broke now but since I won't be spending any more on myself I thought it was a good haul. Oh, I also bought the latest issue of Glamour magazine (the British edition). I'm off to get some work done now but I'll be back later to post about Saturday night. Well, actually, I think I'll post about that tomorrow. So everyone have a lovely and amazing day and until next time, mwah!

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