Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is that the Sun? It's been so long..

 Sorry about yesterday - I wasn't feeling well and I went to the hairdresser's (so I had no time anyways) to get my hair color changed and I got a hair cut. My hair is now like 25 centimeters shorter. A hair cut was definitely overdue. Now back to the weekend and a pair of shoes I saved in the challenge that I haven't shown you yet:

Shoes saved: F&F lace-up ankle boots
Worn on: 1.12.2013 - Saturday lunch date
Wearing: Bershka dress, Topshop coat, Espirit scarf, Topshop gloves, H&M studded bag, Zara sunglasses

Speaking of sunglasses - I have load but rarely wear any as I always forget them at home, silly me. I just ordered two pairs from Asos while I was gift shopping and cannot wait until they arrive. I hope they suit me (I usually try glasses on before buying them but these were super cheap so whatever). The glasses I'm wearing in these photos are one of my favorites, I think my sis got them for me but I'm not sure. I've had them for years. As for the shoes - they're just a basic pair of ankle boots. Easy to walk in, lace-up with a zipper on the side, nothing special really. I've had them two three years.


Pink Haired Princess said...

I really like this outfit (and the backdrop too)! Nice touches of colour against your winter outfit.

MsVeve said...

Thank you so much :)) It's hard taking outfit photos sometimes because I don't want to have the same backdrop all the time and there seems to be like no time for proper photo taking. This was snapped up while waiting for the bus at the bus stop and it was a tiny bit awkward as there were people waiting at the bus stop! I hate taking photos in front of strangers :)