Monday, December 23, 2013


This year was definitely a first - I've never had a real Christmas tree before and we got one this year. It is super small and seriously cute. We decorated it with tiny ornaments and these adorable little lights. It sits proudly on our living room table.

I really like the photo above because you can see my favorite painting in the background. The kitchen may be a bit of a mess so don't study the photos too closely.

The tree looks especially beautiful when it's dark and the tree lights are on. I couldn't get a good picture though, but I kinda like the imperfect one I did manage, because the lights look like little hearts. Aww.

Anyways, as the title of the post belied - this post is dedicated to my little dude. Mr. Pig is really enjoying Christmas this year - he's already received most of his presents (well, I still have to make one more but more on that in a different post) but he's really more into the food than the material stuff. Still, as every animal owner will surely agree, it's pretty awesome spoiling your little companion.

My dwarf pig may not be so dwarf anymore but he's still my little piggy in my heart. And every little piggy needs a teddy bear. Yeah, we got Dracul the pig a teddy bear. Isn't he the cutest? And he's super soft too. Dracul tends to throw him off his bed but I know he likes him deep down.

We also got this super cute painting for his room. The majestic pig. Below you can also see a further-away-photo to get the idea how big the painting is. It's average size but I think it fits in the room perfectly.

Obviously, I also got my people friends and family gifts. I realized that although I love to gift wrap presents, I actually kinda suck at it. And some things are soooo hard to wrap it's insane. I'm still getting a few more things today but it's just some odds and ends. I'm hiding the presents in my shoe room. Very conspicuous...

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