Friday, December 6, 2013

I talk to my shoes

 Life lately has been trying to survive the crazy wind & hail storms outside while wearing my winter uniform (more on that in a later post - once I get my camera back) and trying to stay cheerful. And enjoying my new hair color. I'm slowly getting used to it but I know that I still want to change it a bit (have another hairdresser appointment in January). I came across this picture and had to show you. This is my animated alter ego. She might be crying but she's still badass. And has great hair.

Anyways, remember this post? I decided the shoes warranted a close-up photo after all. The shoes are simple ankle boots from F&F but sometimes simple is best. You don't have to really worry about your outfit as simple shoes tend to go with everything. They're the type of shoes you can slip on at the last minute and not worry.

Lately it's been so cold that I've been mostly wearing shoes from this corner of my shoe closet. The warm ankle boot corner. Those furry ones are my current favorite. And although I like some of these shoes a lot (well, I love most of my shoes), it's still super annoying when you don't have any say in the matter. Survival mode is so not fun.

Honestly, I'd so rather be wearing shoes from this corner of my shoe stock. Hello lovelies. Oh and sorry pink pair - I need to dust you. Some people talk to animals, I talk to my shoes.

Now that you think I'm crazy, let's move on to some real crazy. My new glasses crazy. Say hello to Asos Wavy Highbrow. They really don't suit me but were super cheap so I don't care. And with the right lighting (or lack of) I can totally pull them off haha. I was going to show you a photo but then I was like, no way! Instead, here's little ol'me at the lab (I photoshopped the background as lab stuff is private, sorry) and yup, I'm still wearing my favorite Zara scarf. (This thing has gotten loads of wear over the years - best purchase ever!) It's freezing in the lab so I'm glad I have it with me.

This post is so random today, I can't help it. It's December, it gets to me. I'll off to do some computer check ups and what not so I have to run but I'll try to post something over the weekend (no promises though) and oh, I'm thinking of getting a new camera after Christmas? Any suggestions? This blog desperately needs a new camera! Til next time, mwah.


Erika T. said...

Your hair looks so pretty! Great color.

Erika T. said...
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MsVeve said...

Thank you :) It's still in the process of change though (hopefully when I go see my hairdresser in January, it'll be in the finished stage :))

Pink Haired Princess said...

I've bought two new pairs of VW's lately and want to wear them now! You're correct 'survival' mode is not cool. We're not quite at that stage of really bad weather yet, but I won't speak too soon x

MsVeve said...

I can't wait to see your new shoes :))