Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saturday Night Out

Hey everyone, I promised you the Saturday night out outfit and here it is (and traditionally, it was three in the morning when these photos were taken - the things I do for this blog, seriously).

Shoes saved: Iron Fist "Loose Tooth" wedges
Worn on: 14.12.2013 - to the pub
Wearing: Zara Woman winter coat, H&M black and white scarf, H&M dress, Stradivarius oversized cardigan, F&F super warm tights, H&M bag, Hot Topic skull heart earrings

So, these are the shoes I bought on Saturday. Aren't they ridiculously gorgeous?? I lurve them so much. They were on the more pricey side but luckily I had a discount as I collect ten stamps from prior purchases (I guess I go to the Iron Fist shop quite a bit). They're called Loose Tooth wedges but I call them my skull face wedges. I think they're adorable. I knew it wouldn't be difficult to save them in the challenge because they're a really interesting shoe but when I save a shoe the day I buy them, well, that's love.

I especially love that side view but the view from the bottom isn't bad either. (The second shoe has this little grave with "Wish you were here" written on it - so cheeky.) As for comfort and walk-ability, well, I did last all night in them and with quite a bit of walking around Prague city center so I'd say they passed that test. Though, I have to say, they do have a high heel (13 cm) but there's a platform so it's not so bad. You just have to be careful while walking on those darn cobble stones. Anyways, I'm off to walk the pig and then have a uni Christmas party. Later, mwah.

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