Monday, December 9, 2013

Do You Remember?

These photos (and shoe save) were taken - obviously - before I got my hair color changed (last Tuesday). So in a way, this is a blast from the past. Well, one week from the past... Yup, I've got my camera back!

Shoes saved: Asos Croc Effect Mary Janes
Worn on: 2.12.2013
Wearing: Zara TRF tee, Pull & Bear miniskirt, Asos fishnet tights over H&M opaque tights

Okay, so the shoes (after all, this is a shoe challenge post): not the most comfortable - although they have a tiny concealed platform, they also have quite a high heel so your feet hurt after a while. This time they weren't so bad (but then again, I didn't have them on for a too long period of time) but the first time I wore them out - to the pub, half way across town - I was in terrible pain and by the end of the night was hobbling around like an idiot.

The upper is man made material made to look like crocodile skin and has a lovely purple color and I love the gold lining. And Mary Janes are a favorite type of shoe for me. Especially on a shoe like this - the proper/good girl vibe of the Mary Jane with the fun and wild print. Too bad they aren't more comfortable - they'd get a lot more wear otherwise. Well, at least they're saved. I mean, I might not love these shoes but I still like them enough to want to keep them...


Pink Haired Princess said...

I absolutely love that top and the shoes are gorgeous too.

MsVeve said...

Thanks! It's a bit more girly than I usually wear but it still works.

I liked it even more when I had the almost same hair color as on the tee (the girl has green eyes too). It was like "this is my alter ego right there" haha