Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saintly MsVeve

I usually buy shoes for myself or get others to buy shoes for me but today for the very first time I have ordered online for the Boy. He has been lusting after a pair of gladiator sandals since before our trip to London and since we sadly didn't find any there I asos-ed them today. He choose these and there it is. ASOS is having a great deal at the moment: free shipping! Also they're having their annual mid season sale (sadly didn't pick anything from the sale but if I had a bit more money on my account I sure would have!)
Also have you noticed I changed my blog name.. It's no longer in your face fashion, since I haven't been all in people's faces much lately. Reading this line makes me laugh cause it sounds obscure but it's more 'just me' now. In a healthy and confident way, this blog is about MsVeve K. My style, my shoes, my thoughts etc. Whatever, I'm babbling. xoxo and enjoy the sunshine!

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